Ann’s PaperWorks new contact details

Ann’s PaperWorks updated contact details

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Updated Ann’s PaperWorks contact details

It has been a little challenging (a gross understatement) over the past few months with no internet, intermittent email and no home phone.  I have now changed my Internet Service Provider to iiNet.  These changes were forced upon me by severe congestion at the Optus exchange.

But I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, I hope.  As with all technology there are surprises at every turn as to how it does not work.  I apologise for any missed emails and also for not posting as often as usual.

Whilst all the issues are not solved, we are getting there.  If you experience any issues with contacting me, please let me know immediately so I can rectify the problem.  I am sure there will be some due to the massive changes that have to be made.  Please be patient throughout the transition period.

Facebook messaging is working well at this stage but as almost everything is still using my old email addresses and they are no longer reliable and therefore have to be updated, there still may be some further disruptions occurring.



My online shop has been unaffected by any of these changes and I am still regularly placing orders on behalf of my customers.  And the new catalogue is coming on 1 June.





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