New contact details due to disruption to my internet and phone services

By | 29th April 2016

Important Notice

Over the past year I have been struggling with extremely slow internet.  I have hung in but finally have made the business decision to shift both my home phone and internet to iiNet.  This transition from Optus will result in service interruption of  approximately three weeks for my home phone and internet (AAAARGHH).  I will be allocated a new home number and email addresses by iiNet once I am connected to their new service.  In other words, my current home number (0731623497) will disappear from Monday 2 May and there may be some disruption to my Optus email address

To minimise the impact, I will be utilising mobile broadband throughout this time.  Also my mobile service will not be affected in any way.  I have also arranged for a temporary email ( to cover this period in case I am unable to access my Optus emails.  Note that this is an outlook email not Optus.  Optus has reassured me, however,  that my Optus email address will remain active as well.

Changing my contact details affects a significant part of my business arrangements and I will be side-tracked for a few days.

Throughout this changeover, my online shop will remain unaffected and I will still be able to place Stampin’ Up! orders.  I will also be available to provide any assistance as usual.  But my response may be slightly delayed – I apologise for this in advance.

I have put a fair amount of time into planning to ensure that any service interruptions are minimised and I will keep you updated as the process proceeds. In fact, if all goes well you may not even notice any changes other than my contact details.

There is no doubt that my best contact throughout this time will be my mobile (0408001235), Messenger, Facebook and my new outlook email.  I will be happy to return any calls if you wish to text me.

Alternative contact details - Ann's PaperWorks

Alternative contact details – Ann’s PaperWorks



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