How you can show that you care.

By | 10th February 2016

Cards Feb pm

I love it when I receive a handmade card.  When someone takes the time to create a handmade card just for me, it always puts a smile on my face.  And I know that is how my friends, family and customers feel when they receive a handmade card from me, created just for them.  Sending a card, made with love, from the heart, is just one of the many ways I can show how much I care.  And these are just some of the cards that went out this week.

The cards don’t have to be fancy or flash, just a simple card does the job.  Having trouble with inspiration, enroll in one of my regular card making classes, and you will have the cards you need on hand.  And to top it off, you can now reserve your seat by prepaying by credit card through Paypal.

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